1 de noviembre de 2012

Porque hace tiempo que no subía nada  
y este dibujo me gusta mucho.
Lápiz grafito sobre papel trucho, 
año 2009 masomenos.

Just because it's been a while and 
I really like this old drawing.
Graphite pencils on crappy paper, 
year 2009 I guess.

2 comentarios:

Antonio Bonatesta dijo...

It is the perfect location in the perfect moment. I assure you dear :D
Congratulations for your drawing, it looks ancient but still impregnated with lots of young jollification :p

I have a question: What software or hardware do you use to color your draft painting?

Olga A. de Linares dijo...

Mmmm, qué sugestivo... y qué suspenso!